HW: 10/16 – Golumbia and McNamee

  1. Golumbia’s, “Social Media Has Hijacked Our Brains,” is an extremely interesting article that I could relate to since I am on social media often.  What I found most interesting about the article was the concept of System 1 thinking.  It is crazy to think about how social media outlets focus on only a way of thinking that uses System 1.  This influences people in a certain way of thinking in certain situations where they should think deeper about what is going on.  Not everything should be off of fast thinking or fight or flight like it is right now on social media.
  2. In McNamee’s article titled, “I invested early in Google and Facebook.  Now they terrify me,” one strategy used was the idea of logos to show how social media outlets like Google and Facebook exploit human nature, creating addictive behaviors.  For example, McNamee states that, “A 2013 study found that average consumers check their smartphones 150 times a day. And that number has probably grown. People spend 50 minutes a day on Facebook. Other social apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter combine to take up still more time.”  This strategy of logos works here because it sets up the idea of how harmful this could be, and allows for the audience to become aware as to how this could be a bad part of social media.  The big Internet companies are more so able to influence since they keep a personal profile on you due to your use of their platforms.  After realizing a fact like this as a reader who uses social media, you are now more easily convinced to believe what McNamee has to say.  The use of logos in this article is an excellent choice because the audience will always be more easily persuaded when what the author has to say is backed up by facts.  Since most of us in today’s society use social media, these facts will be more personal and relatable, and will actually have an impact on our ways of thinking.  Logos for McNamee’s argument is well used and establishes a great amount of compelling evidence as to why social media is not always a good thing, and will actually create addictive behaviors in humans.

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