Tufecki and McNamee: Claim/Appeal


Claim – “Human beings have many natural tendencies that need to be vigilantly monitored in the context of modern life.”  This is an example of a main claim from Tufecki.  This is a claim because it supports his argument in the text that people are drawn to content that is more extreme than what they started with.

Appeal – Ethos is used in this text.  Tufecki established his credibility with the use of description from his personal experiences on Youtube and experiencing the Youtube algorithm first-hand.


Claim – “Big Internet companies know more about you than you know about yourself, which gives them huge power to influence you, to persuade you to do things that serve their economic interests.”  This is a claim used by McNamee since it supports the main argument of the text and has evidence that is presented through an example to back it up.

Appeal – Logos is used in this text.  For example, “the Facebook application has 2 billion active users around the world. Google’s YouTube has 1.5 billion. These numbers are comparable to Christianity and Islam, respectively, giving Facebook and Google influence greater than most First World countries.”  This shows a statistical piece of evidence to support how Facebook and Youtube have such a strong influence in the world.


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