Boyd’s: “Literacy; Are Today’s Youth Digital Natives?”

Main claims: the “natives” and “immigrants” when it comes to the digital divide, the youth must become media literate, the way algorithms work (specifically search engines), Wikipedia as a site of knowledge production, degree of comfort and access to emerging technologies experienced by different youth (digital inequality), and the topic of “digital natives” should be reclaimed and made more precise.

The passage about the emergence of digital natives stuck out to me, specifically the part that talked about how parents are terrified of their children since they are immigrants in their native world.  This is very interesting to me because many parents have to adapt their way of living to that of their children always being on electronics, or their lives surrounded by media.

I feel as if this idea of how parents, or the “immigrants”, always feel as if their child is automatically tech savvy due to the generation that we have grown up with.  My parents will always ask me for help working certain feature on their phones and they always expect me to know what to do since I am a “native.”


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