Body Paragraph: 11/13

Boyd’s argument shows how the youth today are not equipped with critical digital literacy.  They are not taught search literacy, web site analysis, and are told to avoid websites like Wikipedia which could actually end up being useful.  A chapter from a book by Mike Caulfield titled “Four Strategies” extends on this idea of critical digital literacy by offering ways for the youth to use proper website analysis.  For example, he says to follow four moves which are to “check for previous work, go upstream to the source, read laterally, and circle back.”  This is to help with web analysis and show the youth the proper way of analyzing a website to make sure it is what they want.  This directly extends on the idea of the youth not being equipped with critical digital literacy because Caulfield extends on how the youth should work the websites they are using.  Another outside source is by Caulfield which is titled “Using Google Reverse Image Search”, which maps out perfectly how to tell the background of a picture and the source for where it came from.  This also extends on the idea of web analysis which helps for the youth to understand where the pictures they see are coming from and what they should do to tell if they are legit or not.  This helps the youth to make sure the pictures are credible and not a version of fake news.  Mike Caulfield extends on Boyd’s argument of critical digital literacy.


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